We all live very busy lives.  I wear many hats, but not as many as some.  Some days trying to juggle 2 jobs, ministry activities, being a wife, cooking dinner, cleaning the house & doing laundry becomes very overwhelming, not to mention trying to cram in a moment  for devotion and quiet time with God; and let’s be honest we all want a little “ME” time; doing what we love to do.  Maybe a hobby, sitting by the fire with a hot cup of coffee, reading a favorite magazine or book, or soaking in a hot tub of water.  By the time I lay my head down at night I am exhausted and honestly, some nights I pray with tears in my eyes,  “God  I can’t do this anymore… I am tired!”  
Over the last  month I have been really struggling with time management. Trying to figure out what things in my life are important and what things I need to let go.  Digging deep into God’s word and crying out to Him to help me and to guide my every move, desperately pleading for God to speak to me and show me what to do.  
Today GOD spoke to me LOUD & CLEAR! It was amazing!  My answer came when finishing the last couple pages in a book I am reading.   I need to practice silence and solitude.  I enjoy being busy, helping others, and engaging with people. I feel awkward and uncomfortable when it is quiet. 
Luke 5:16 says,  And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.  Jesus knew He had to get away and spend time with his Father.  
God knows about the constant demands in our lives.  He wants us to spend that silent, solitude time with Him. A place of refreshment and release.  
I am challenging myself to spend silent time each day with my Heavenly Father, worshiping Him.  A time for me to regroup and refocus on my everyday demands in life.   I believe that is the answer to fixing that feeling of being overwhelmed with all of life’s demands.  I believe that this will help to lessen the anxiety, and tension that I can no longer bare. 
Matthew 11:28 says,   Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
God loves you! We must trust that He can and will handle every energy-zapping, life consuming event that comes our way.  This trust starts and grows in silence and solitude through worship. 

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